About me

Veronica Grandi

“I engage with passion in activities I do, and enthusiasm has characterised me from an early age. Both positive and negative experiences have forged and guided me and have given me ample views to contain the differences I have encountered.  I am still ready to face all that is new, the challenges and the adventures that life will present, inspired by contact with a rainbow of people from all over the world and … close to home. I still feel like a young woman, despite having (almost) reached my half century, which feels like an ocean wealth to me."

My personal experiences are the fundamental starting point for my work, they are what have given me my strength and depth, and an intuitive understanding of the people around me and what it means to be in situations of extreme difficulty. My recent studies have provided me with   order in my baggage and given me the knowledge and tools necessary to   support within  my professional sphere.

As a child, my family introduced me to yoga, Buddhism and health notions that were still quite alternative in the seventies. Over the years I have lived in close contact with nature, in creative and multicultural environments, which have had a great impact on my life. At sixteen, the approach to Buddhism radically changed my view of life. Integration of Buddhist practise into my life including the discipline required to study Buddhist philosophy and the repetition of mantras daily, helped me to overcome personal difficulties and allowed me to reconnect with myself.  After two years of diligent practice, I realised that a life of Buddhist devotion was not for me. I was eager at that young age to discover other philosophies and make new experiences, however Buddhism philosophy had left its imprinting into my life.

As a twenty-year old I left Italy thinking of returning after a sabbatical year, but that period went far beyond my expectations. I travelled extensively in Southeast Asia, lived in Thailand for two years and six in Bali. I arrived in Bali in 1990 and in the following years my life was enriched with special meetings with both Balinese and with people who came from other parts of the world.

The experiences I had in contact with the Balinese and some local healers brought me in contact with natural medicines and the use of the medicinal herbs that are part of the Indonesian tradition. Later I came to know, and became passionate about Ayurveda, aromatherapy, homeopathy and acupuncture, I practiced crystal-therapy, and deepened this knowledge with readings and practice. In addition to the health aspect I approached Balinese art and music, studied their dance and learned to play a type of local xylophone.

From Bali onwards, I became more and more interested in alternative therapies, disease prevention through healthy food, and I developed a holistic view of life.

After about eight years in Asia, I returned to Europe to give life to my daughter in 1997. Motherhood was, and still is, an experience without equal and a deep opportunity for personal growth.

From Italy we moved to France and finally to Denmark where we live since 2000.

Since 2010 I have turned my attention to personal growth by participating in various activities, lectures and courses, including family constellations, mindfulness, authentic relationships, body therapy, several types of healing, women’s groups and mixed workshops for personal growth that extend from tantra yoga to psychotherapy and that have brought me to certify as coach, ayurvedic health guide (with notions of aromatherapy) and Circling / Authentic Relating guide.

I had already worked closely with people as a social health assistant, a five-year work experience with elderly and physically and mentally disabled people: the notions of pedagogy, psychology and communication (including non-violent communication) that I assimilated through the school, updating courses and work (not to mention countless private courses mentioned above), have been very useful both professionally and in my private life.

Later I graduated as a Ayurvedic Health and Sleep Guide at Charlotte Bech ‘s Academy, and in the meantime, having been certified Coach for Health and Lifestyle with the coach and Psychotherapist Bent H. Niebling *, I worked as a life coach giving individual sessions at the Tinkuy center. Recently I enriched my coaching practice with a cognitive mentor course. From 2016 I also facilitate groups of Circling for the improvement of relational skills.

* Coaching with elements of Systemic Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Positive Psychology, a cognitive and humanistic method.

“The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth.”

Persian, sufi poet Rumi