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Individual life coaching

It is inevitable to go through life not encountering periods of adversity and challenges, and sometimes we need help t go through those periods and to be able to live the life we ​​want to live.

What can Life Coaching help you with?

Personal life.

Life Coaching can help us when we are stuck, when we need to untie knots that are blocking one or more aspects of our life such as in relationships, work, health or in the intimate life, and when we feel we have blocks that prevent us to take a decision and act concordantly.  Below are some examples:

  • Maybe you do not feel balanced and you lack energy.
  • You may be at a crossroads in your life, feel insecure or in crisis.
  • You may feel anxious, stressed and worried about the future.
  • Or you feel stuck mentally and emotionally and you have lost motivation to act.

Our thoughts, emotions, body and behavior affect one another constantly, so our thoughts can be of great importance if we feel happy, sad, frustrated, angry, desperate, etc.

As a coach, I support you in a process of increasing awareness through a cognitive but also humanistic work that will help you eliminate protective shields and negative beliefs that we can have on ourselves and that are a limit to our development and to live life that we want. It is through this process that we find our true self and life force to act in accordance with our renewed values.

Working life.

I provide guidance to clarify, find the motivation, the means and make a plan, when the client has a project or ideas and does not know where to start from or how to continue the work, by making a manageable plan appropriate to the client’s need.

  • Maybe you need to make a decision, or start a project, but you do not know how or where to start.
  • You want to resolve an inner conflict or with people around you.
  • You feel stuck mentally and emotionally and want to find the motivation to act.
  • Or you want to increase the vitality and harmony in your work.

Coaching can help you remove blocks and discover your full potential, acquire clarity and self-esteem.

How many times?

We are different from each other and our needs also differ. There are people who have a plan in mind and feel that there is only one more step to clarify and act, in that case I recommend a single session of an hour and a half.

If you instead are in a period of insecurity and vulnerability, and especially if you feel the need to go deeper, you will probably need several sessions until you have clarity.

“Veronica is a very open and welcoming person, this immediately creates a relationship of trust that is fundamental for the client who wants to embark on a coaching path with her.
Veronica is good at identifying and keeping the customer’s attention on the most relevant topic. To go to the bottom of the subject Veronica intervenes in an intuitive and creative way. Being in touch with Veronica, i feel that she is a compassionate person and understands a wisdom in her in the approach she has with the client. I warmly recommend Veronica. "
Sophie, Nurse

“Already after the first coaching session with Veronica, I had a clear idea of which direction I had to take in. We used the second session to create a bigger picture, and after only a week since the last session I started my new life! "
Carina, Danish teacher, Mindfulness instructor

“Veronica listens very carefully and is good at perceiving nuances, changes in the customer’s energy. This is certainly a great gift to own as a coach. Veronica is able to shift the direction of attention according to the process that takes place in the customer, even quickly, without losing the attention from the whole. In the final Veronica knows how to collect all the changes that have occurred and summarize them in a single complex.
The coaching helped me to understand some mechanism in which I was stranded. "

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