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Circling is about being together in each other’s presence, with the possibility of sharing anything that’s alive in you in the present moment. In these hours together, we have the opportunity to receive and give unconditional attention and the possibility to express curiosity, support and presence. Feeling the impact of being seen by the participants with support, empathy and acceptance, helps us to experience opening of the heart where healing can naturally occur. Through authentic verbal and non-verbal expression, the group and the individual at the center of attention may foster more authenticity in relationships, empathy and brings awareness of the impact we can have on others and others have on us. Overcoming appearance, gently lifting the mask, we are seen and recognized for who we really are, we feel part of a more expanded oneness and less alone. The workshop guided in a secure and confidential environment.

Relationships, a fundamental element of our species

We humans are social creatures, we do not wander freely on Earth independently of each other, but we take part in many kinds of relationships every single day. Our whole life is marked by relationships, we designate each other using relational terms: mother, father, son, brother, sister, colleague, neighbour, spouse, friend, partner, enemy. It is through these relationships that our personality is formed, it is in these relationships that we live our lives and from where much of our psycho-physical well-being arises.

The relational workshop

An important part of the Circling workshop is to practice more positive and benevolent models of relational exchanges that easy the development of social and interpersonal skills. The method pivots on a sincere and open communication, which revolves around the connection, the understanding and a deep authenticity between two or more people.

Through the observation and sharing of thoughts, feelings, emotions and the sensations we experience in the body we train ourselves to greater personal integrity, presence, authenticity, deep connection with ourselves and the people around us.


When a person listens tuning in with his whole-body system (dynamic presence) he develops empathy and increases the containing space/acceptance for the other. The process of constant dynamic presence that occur in Circling helps to free us from relational wounds of the past, or from unconscious patterns of relationships. Practicing in a safe and benevolent field, as we create during the workshop new relational patterns can sprout.

The healthy boundaries

Within the framework of inter-personal growth there is also the ability to feel your own real needs and those which we no longer need, and we learn to respect and accept those of others. We become more aware of our own boundaries and express them unequivocally and at the same time not offensive.

Here and now

There is a substantial component of mindfulness meditation in the applied method during the interpersonal process. The dynamic experience in relation is based on the present moment, one can in fact say that Circling is partly a shared relational meditation. Focus on the present moment in our relationships leads to a feeling of belonging and closeness.

Presence, awareness of self and connection – relational elements

  • Need of belonging

A fundamental behavioural process for man is attachment, which has as its final motive the need to experience love (including sexual) and the need to be accepted by the social groups in our life. The impact that our existence has on others and the confirmations that come, for example, from being seen, listened to and respected by those we relate to are essential for our well-being.

  • Social exchange

The culture, personal characteristics, experiences, social environment since our childhood influence behavioural aspects and interpersonal relationships. Research on the neurological basis of attachment, the emotions and social behaviours of the child confirm that these are the prerequisites for healthy adult relationships. During the workshop we practice more positive, benevolent and sincere exchange models that include the development of socio-emotional and interpersonal skills.

  • The relational self

The relational practice during the workshop helps us to develop a sense of self. The relational self of an individual consists of the feelings and beliefs that one has towards oneself that have developed based on interactions with others. In other words, one’s emotions and behaviours are shaped by previous relationships. Therefore, previous and existing relationships affect one’s emotions and behaviours in interactions with new individuals especially those individuals who remind us of others in our lives.

The schools

Integral Institute (, Circling Europe ( and The Integral Center ( are the three leading schools of Circling practice, two in the USA and one based in Amsterdam. Other schools are growing in the rest of Europe, including Circling Heart – Development of Relations ( in Copenhagen. It is here that I trained to become a Circling Facilitator.

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