NOTE! Postponed dates: 7,16, 27 maj og 10 juni. See themes.

I have presented Circling in many different ways, because Circling is a practice that includes many different level of contact and relating and brings to the surface realisation about yourself in this fundamental area of your life.
Furthermore, our personal development shifts from the individual “I" to the “we", trusting the energy felt and group intelligence we create TOGETHER.

Being in the circle with others, training ways of relating, and with the intention of being open to what ever arises in the moment, you will get insights about your ability to connect with others and with yourself, and light up your relational pattern <

Postpone dates: Because of a too short notice I postpone the beginning of the cycle of 4 workshops to Maj 7th. You decide whether to commit to one or all of them. It’s much cheaper to buy the all package:

4 hours for each workshops: Minimum 6 person, max 12.
20-30 minutes break (coffee, tea, fruits, cookies offered).

Kr. 300 per workshop (kr. 200 for students and unemployed) . To confirm your presence, pay latest 3 days before each workshop.
If you’d like committing to the 4 workshop the cost is Kr. 800 (kr. 600 students + unemployed) for the all cycle, to be payed latest May 3th.
Paying this amount, it is even cheaper then paying full price for 3 times.

To come to the last workshop (June 10th) you must have participated to at least one of the others.

The dates and themes are:

  • 07/05 17.30 – 21.30
    CLASSIC circling Contact and PRESENCE. Exercises and “birthday” circling. Curiosity and openness.
    To know more about the single event go to:
  • 16/05 17.30 – 21.30
    Circling and Mindfulness co-facilitating with Rodrigo Rios (Experienced Mindfulness and The Form teacher). “Birthday” circling.
    To know more about the single event go to:
  • 27/05 16.00 – 20.00
    Being on the sense plan. There will be more body involvement, dance. “Birthday” circling.
    To know more about the single event go to:
  • 10/06 16.00 – 20.00
    100% Organic. We go with the flow. Each one of us bring themselves in and be with what ever arises.
    More about it coming soon.

The workshop will be held in English, but you are welcome to speak Danish. Jeg taler også dansk!
You can, but do not need to confirm your participation on Facebook. You write me on messenger or through my homepage, or send a message +45 81916236. You are very welcome to contact me for any question.

With open heart,
Veronica Grandi